On June 15th, Brenda spoke at the Augustana Lutheran Church 7pm about A Quaker Behind the Dream as part of a Martin Luther/Martin Luther King presentation. As the Lutheran Church is based on the teachings and faith of Martin Luther, the Church felt it fitting to present the similarities between Luther and King. The first speaker was to be Rev. Kevin Adams of the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, to compare the two, particularly in how they were alike.He had a personal emergency, but Sister Nora filled in for the Reverend, pointing out that the two men were VERY strong Christian men, rooted in the Bible, who stood up to the governmental and church authorities of the time, even to being excommunicated and arrested or imprisoned for their Godly beliefs.


Brenda spoke about her Quaker father’s commitment to nonviolence, how he worked with Dr. King on helping organize the March on Washington. She declared, “Because of my Dad, I marched with Dr. King at the March on Washington of 1963 and heard the I Have a Dream Speech in person… Those were times of tumult and change, but the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement called on God to help them make changes in the right way. Calling on the people to pray to Jesus to keep them from hate and bitterness as they carried out their nonviolent campaign. Now, 60 years later, we again live in times of tumult and change… People of good will watch with alarm as our nation becomes further and further divided, especially along racial lines.” But she remembered how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. united us in the 1950s and 60s. “He invited us to live together as brothers and sisters. He uplifted a nation, while demanding an end to racial segregation.”